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Residential Remodeling Are your kids outgrowing your home but you can’t leave fond memories, good neighbors, and an environment that you’ve grown accustomed to? Or do you simply want to give your home a special makeover? We at Capistrano Homes and Landscaping, LLC understand how much you love your home and everything associated with it. That’s why we’d like to help you improve your way of life without leaving the place you’ve come to love.

We offer residential remodeling services that can improve your home in terms of:

  • Functionality. We always work on remodeling projects with your comfort and convenience in mind. Just tell us what functionalities you need and we’ll provide them accordingly.
  • Space. Another reason why a remodeling is recommended is due to the additional space it can provide. We can add modular or customized cabinets and furniture to free up your living area. We can also do room additions or extension to provide you with more space for your improvement plans.
  • Aesthetics. We make sure that our residential remodeling complements with the existing theme of your home. We also take pride in giving that extra detail, the special Del Prato touch that can make your home stand out effortlessly.
  • Quality. We only use the finest quality of materials to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, even more.

Partial or Total Home Renovation

Most of our previous clients asked us to perform partial renovation on their homes. While we can work on small home improvement projects, we can also do a total renovation if you feel that your home had served its purpose well and the time has come to give it a major makeover. We ensure that all your ideas will be incorporated in the new design. Meanwhile, here are some areas in your home that we can include in our residential remodeling plan:

Residential Remodeling
  • Bedroom. We can redo your bedroom according to the theme you want – Mediterranean, modern, contemporary, or Asian – take your pick from our many designs.
  • Kitchen. Customized kitchen cabinets made of maple, cherry or oak, granite flooring, marble countertops, stunning kitchen islands – name it, we can install it.
  • Bathroom. How beautiful would you like your bathroom to be? Would you like a Victorian bathroom or a master bathroom with an infinity pool? Whichever your choice is, we can surely make it come true.

Premium Residential Remodeling Services in Arizona

Rest assured that all our workers are highly trained and well experienced in remodeling residential properties so you can be sure of high quality projects. In fact, our residential remodeling projects are praised by numerous satisfied clients in Prescott, Dewey, Williamson, Chino, Mayer, and other parts of Arizona. And we don’t take second chances – we’d like to do an excellent job the first time around by using 3D modeling prior to construction to guarantee that what you see is what you’ll get. Call us at 928-830-0124.

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Residential Remodeling
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Residential Remodeling
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Residential Remodeling
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Residential Remodeling
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Residential Remodeling
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Residential Remodeling
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Residential RemodelingResidential Remodeling

Cities that are served in Arizona (AZ):
  • Prescott, AZ
  • Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Dewey, AZ
  • Williamson, AZ
  • Chino Valley, AZ
  • Mayer, AZ
  • Skull Valley, AZ
  • Cottonwood, AZ
  • Kirkland, AZ
  • Paulden, AZ